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Reading Woolf and Baking

In the frame today:

  • Virginia Woolf by Alexandra Harris, a signed copy from JLF last year.
  • Freshly baked whole-wheat choco-chip banana bread.
  • Freshly brewed cup of french press.

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Long time no see

I last posted here in December 2017 when I had recently ‘self published’ a tiny ‘collection of poems’. After that I my writing frequency kept decreasing and completely stopped in December 2018. I didn’t write a sentence until today (April 2020). It has been 16 months since my father passed. Continue reading “Long time no see”

Christmas Present – Free eBook!!

You guys! ‘To, My Dear Fear’ is available for free, worldwide, for 3 days (23rd, 24th, and 25th December), as my Christmas present to y’all!! 

Here’s the link to get your free copy of my book ‘To My Dear Fear’. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

It’s time to edit the about page.

I did not create rum-n-raisins; rum-n-raisins created me.

So I started writing precisely 2 years ago. Since then I’ve grown in so many ways that I can’t even count. I’ve legit learned life lessons on WordPress. Sure it’s just a platform to create blogs and websites; but to me it was and is so much more. It healed me. It accepted me. Continue reading “It’s time to edit the about page.”

Just being grateful.

Hi everyone. I recently (like a week ago) self published on Kindle direct publishing. ‘To, My Dear Fear’ is a tiny book consisting of 40 tiny poems which helped me not only to face my fears but also to overcome them. I wrote these poems about a year and a half ago when I was eighteen and out of school with no idea about what to do next. I was in a state of acute stress, primarily because of the pressure that society puts you in and your peers help you stay in it. I was disgusted by my helpless self. And therefore I became my own inspiration. I started writing to motivate myself and soon I was this self motivated person inspiring the people around her. This book has created the person I am today. I had to get it published; and I’m working harder to get it in print too (and it’s coming out soon). Thank you everyone who has read and supported my work.

To get my book click here.

Much love and peace.

-Gursimran Kaur

To, My Dear Fear

What is poetry?

Poetry. A cry. A desire. That holds within each of us. Some fear the world and let the desire hide; while some fear themselves and give the desire the form of a word, a phrase, a creation, an art; to let the desire reveal, to let themselves free and to live and be.
You guys, I have been working on a little something lately and finally it’s complete! I self published on Kindle direct publishing. Continue reading “To, My Dear Fear”

Pasted and wasted ~

How many times have I made plans and destroyed them. How many times have I pasted and wasted. How many times have I changed my inspirations and beliefs. How many times have I altered my reactions according to the concerned person. How many times have I pretended to like someone. How many times have I faked a smile. How many have I been so disappointed in myself that I wanted to kill myself. How many times have I cursed the world when I should ve cursed myself. How many times have I tried to be someone else. How many times have I hated myself for no reason. 


Still no shame.

– Gursimran Kaur

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Those colours used to be on my body once. But then I took a dip in the grey ocean of obscurity. 

– Gursimran Kaur 

Bungee jumping~

Life is a beautiful ride.

Or is it?

To me it’s more like bungee jumping. Continue reading “Bungee jumping~”

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