In the frame today:

  • Virginia Woolf by Alexandra Harris, a signed copy from JLF last year.
  • Freshly baked whole-wheat choco-chip banana bread.
  • Freshly brewed cup of french press.

I finished reading Virginia Woolf’s biography. It left me feeling inspired and reminiscent of the time I used to both read and write regularly. One- I want to read all her work right now (again)! O how I wish I had a Kindle. Second- I have this urge to write. I haven’t had this urge for the longest time now. Super grateful. Though Woolf’s work, life, struggle with mental illness and writing has always intrigued me; Alexandra Harris’s account of Woolf’s life was refreshing. Explains why she’s always been one of my favorite writers.
When I first read her essay ‘A Room of One’s Own’ in school it gave me the confidence I required very badly as an adolescent. And now that I think of it she even inspired my own writings.

On a separate note I have started baking and cooking lately. Mostly comfort foods. The lockdown gave me a lot of time to think and thinking makes me anxious. All this uncertainty and negativity that is pondering all over us is very taxing. I had to put my anxiety to rest. Hence I started baking cakes. Many cakes. I really like sweet; it is calming and comforting. I realised, when I am cooking alone, all my thoughts and energy is focused on this one thing – to make a perfect cake! I forget about my problems for a while. Although I am not very good at cooking, it has been therapeutic for me. And I am getting better at it. In the picture above, you will see a perfect slice of chocochip banana bread. After 2 failed attempts, the third time it came out this good. I learned you need plenty of patience while cooking and it’s okay to make mistakes and mess recipes up sometimes. It is the only way to make a perfect plate. I use whole wheat flour and oat flour to bake healthier. I am a sucker for healthy recipes- I almost never use refined flour (clearly I am proud of it lol). Aright, that’s all I have for today’s bake talk!

Gursimran (doesn’t like hugs; will never hug a stranger).