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To, My Dear Fear

What is poetry?

Poetry. A cry. A desire. That holds within each of us. Some fear the world and let the desire hide; while some fear themselves and give the desire the form of a word, a phrase, a creation, an art; to let the desire reveal, to let themselves free and to live and be.
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You, Yourself, Are Enough.

Drop that grudge and move on.

Oh dear, this fragile look is not helping; it does not inspire.

Wash off this depression and wear some confidence.

Now, look inside; inside yourself, at that dusty lump of motivation.

Brush the dust off and realize how inspiring your soul is.

You, Yourself, are enough.

You don’t need to read three hundred pages of some motivational book to be inspired;

You can simply peek inside of yourself and realize the required inspiration.

Because you, yourself, are enough.


– Gursimran Kaur

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