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Reading Woolf and Baking

In the frame today:

  • Virginia Woolf by Alexandra Harris, a signed copy from JLF last year.
  • Freshly baked whole-wheat choco-chip banana bread.
  • Freshly brewed cup of french press.

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Just being grateful.

Hi everyone. I recently (like a week ago) self published on Kindle direct publishing. ‘To, My Dear Fear’ is a tiny book consisting of 40 tiny poems which helped me not only to face my fears but also to overcome them. I wrote these poems about a year and a half ago when I was eighteen and out of school with no idea about what to do next. I was in a state of acute stress, primarily because of the pressure that society puts you in and your peers help you stay in it. I was disgusted by my helpless self. And therefore I became my own inspiration. I started writing to motivate myself and soon I was this self motivated person inspiring the people around her. This book has created the person I am today. I had to get it published; and I’m working harder to get it in print too (and it’s coming out soon). Thank you everyone who has read and supported my work.

To get my book click here.

Much love and peace.

-Gursimran Kaur

To, My Dear Fear

What is poetry?

Poetry. A cry. A desire. That holds within each of us. Some fear the world and let the desire hide; while some fear themselves and give the desire the form of a word, a phrase, a creation, an art; to let the desire reveal, to let themselves free and to live and be.
You guys, I have been working on a little something lately and finally it’s complete! I self published on Kindle direct publishing. Continue reading “To, My Dear Fear”

Bungee jumping~

Life is a beautiful ride.

Or is it?

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The Fall.

Hi you guys! I have started reviewing books for a change again.

So recently, I read this book, The Fall Of The Human Intellect by A. Prathasarthy; it’s very different, gives you a perspective, makes you cogitate and is based precisely on vedanta  philosophy.

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About the unreal stuff.

Fiction does not interest me. It has never interested me as a matter of fact. Because there’s hardly any need for me to read about the unreal stuff when so much unreal is already happening around me in the non fiction or in the life.

-Gursimran Kaur


Want to dive into the treasure of spirituality, creativity, wisdom and of course poetry? Read Rumi.

Rumi, known as Jalaluddin Balkhi by the Persians and Afghanis, was born in September 1207 in Afghanistan.
His poems mostly talk about his union with God; and are dipped in wisdom and garnished with the greatest life lessons.  You’ll need to dig into the lines and dig into your mind to realize the truth of his creations. Continue reading “Rumi”

Creative Living Beyond Fear!

What is creativity?

The relationship between a human being and the mysteries of inspiration.

– Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert.

You can NOT miss to read this!

You can not miss to read Tuesdays With Morrie!

This book is precious. Really. It holds a treasure of lessons, lessons you need to learn and revise. Mitch Albom has done an absolutely great job.

The topics discussed in the book are simple and everyone of us can relate to them and the lessons are even simpler. It is just that you may have never thought that life can have a different (totally different) perspective, and when you read this book you not only think of that perspective but also realize it. There is not much that I have to say about the book except that you have to read it. It is a tiny book with huge content, absolutely worth your time.

Okay then! Until next time.

Cheers to life! xox





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