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Bungee jumping~

Life is a beautiful ride.

Or is it?

To me it’s more like bungee jumping. Continue reading “Bungee jumping~”


That fancy watch on that pretty wrist

That cigarette between those thin fingers

The air around

That smile on his face

That frown on hers

Those sly errands



All contained a pleasure in themselves

Except me.

Pleasure. No pleasure. Didn’t really matter.


I was just the ordinary; the usual.

But the exception.


– Gursimran Kaur


Love; oh love.

Temporary like everything else? Maybe. Or why not?

Love yourself she used to say; licking the tears of that love is she now?

Love is a miscreant hypocrite she now says.

Time changes everything they used to say; seem true now, don’t they?

Love; oh love.

Temporary like everything else? Maybe. Or why not?


– Gursimran Kaur


“In a world full of tragedies and miracles, I sit here, waiting, longing, for mine to happen, something to happen; be it a tragedy or a miracle; just something. In this world already full of happenings happening to everybody but me; please let mine happen.”

– Gursimran Kaur , 25/01/16

The Blogger Recognition Award

Hello readers! I hope y’all are doing fairly fine. Well I was suppose to post this last Sunday but then procrastination happened.

So here I am with my third award nomination. Yay. I would like to thank Ngobesing Romanus of Success Inspirer Continue reading “The Blogger Recognition Award”

School Trip That Made Me A Better Person

I was sixteen (It was a year ago). That day, at school, an announcement was made. As far as i remember, it said – Our school ( St. Xavier’s Sr.Sec. School ) is planning a student exchange program with a Danish school. Students of 11th grade with a passport are eligible to apply. Those eligible and interested, may submit applications with their parent’s consent and signature, to Dr. Shaji Thomas. Continue reading “School Trip That Made Me A Better Person”

Dropping THE ROUTINE is not bad!

Today I bought new cushions and quilts for my room. I don’t usually shop for my room ans stuff but today I went out with my mom and it was great fun ( because i rarely go out with my mom or anybody to shop or run errands ).

THE ROUTINE is to always stay at home and do your own stuff like –: Read – write – study – eat – sleep – repeat. But today was rare. Today I was all like –  Let’s go out! Yay!

And luckily my mom had a plan to go shopping. So, I went shopppingg! Woohoo!

And it made me HAPPY.


Cheers! xox

Here’s the thing… 

I found this picture on Facebook. It has got a great message worth sharing.  
Guns don’t kill people. 

When ‘The Little Girl’ Was Struck By Reality – Part 2

Confidently, she was climbing the mountain of life

Working hard

Chasing her dream

Strong enough to face life

So the problem this time was different; it was her heart Continue reading “When ‘The Little Girl’ Was Struck By Reality – Part 2”

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