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Cold fire.

​Stay away or come closer; your call. 

A warning though; 
She’s a cold fire.

She’ll put every desire and every breath  igniting in your soul to rest, if you don’t let her be.

She’s a flight risk.

She’ll runaway with your light and never come back, if you don’t let her be. 

Just let her be. Will you ? 

– Gursimran Kaur

About the unreal stuff.

Fiction does not interest me. It has never interested me as a matter of fact. Because there’s hardly any need for me to read about the unreal stuff when so much unreal is already happening around me in the non fiction or in the life.

-Gursimran Kaur

An ache.

There are fantasies inside me. And desires; which run unfathomable miles across my soul and make me ache for an immeasurable pleasure of loneliness.

-Gursimran Kaur

Indecipherable open book. 

It is a labyrinth in a labyrinth.

It is an illusion of an illusion.

And it is my life; an indecipherable open book. 
– Gursimran Kaur 


Uncertainty is the essence of life.

Oblivion is the result.

And brave are those who love and live under this shadow of oblivion.

– Gursimran Kaur


She was rough

Unlike you expected; unlike the stereotypical soft you expect girls to be.

You rubbed your soul on the rough of hers

Little did you know that the friction will burn you to your core.


-Gursimran Kaur

City lights.

These are the city lights.

They magnify the tiniest of the desires.


This is where dreams come true and hearts break;

Souls breathe in smoke and glitter;

And make ordinary art for extraordinary hearts;

It smells of blood in here; and of perfume and of work;

We live here. Continue reading “City lights.”

naked and original.

I feel empty. I feel naked.

I feel, it (the fear) has been taken out of me.

And have filled me with something lighter.

Making this emptiness so filling that I feel naked.

And original.

– Gursimran Kaur


Oh that other person.

Weak. Vulnerable. Helpless.

There she was in that tiny public bathroom

Where every girl was fixing her make up,

She was trying, just trying to fix her life. Continue reading “Oh that other person.”

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