A time will come in your life when you will have to make a choice between “YOUR DREAM” and “THE ORDINARY”.

Choosing THE ORDINARY will be trouble-free. And your life will be as cliche` as it is right now.

Choosing your DREAM will lead to a MAGICAL transformation of your life where you’ll be happy. I mean REALLY HAPPY.

The weaker ones ( or generally the normal people ) have a higher probability of choosing THE ORDINARY , as it seems more convenient and trouble-free. Also it is possible that 1) they have NOT realized their dreams. 2) They don’t BELIEVE in the beauty of their dreams. 3) They are afraid of pursuing their dreams.

The BRAVE ones will choose their DREAMS , infact , for them , there is no choice , they know , they HAVE TO LIVE their DREAMS. Because 1) They have realized their dreams. 2) They BELIEVE in the BEAUTY of their dreams. 3) They are not afraid of pursuing their dreams and are ready accept all the CHALLENGES it has to offer.

Now, if you want to live your dream but don’t know what your dream is, then you NEED to SEARCH for it.

Ask yourself – AM I HAPPY ?

If the answer is YES then well-and-good.

But, if the answer is NO then you better search for what makes you happy!

Sit down quietly for sometime. Look inside yourself. Ask your soul what it wants. Discover your bliss.

Show the WORLD that you are BRAVE enough to CHASE your DREAM , FOLLOW your BLISS and LIVE HAPPILY !!